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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by danglo, Jun 12, 2009.

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    Hi, new to this forum. We have been RVing for about 10 years. We just upgraded to our third and probably last RV. We got an'05 HR AdmiralSE, 33'. We like it very much but I think before we get out on any long trips we need to something with the steering and handling. It isn't real bad but I noticed when we were bringing it home from Michigan back to Indiana, it seemed to roll and sway a little bit more than I would like. Does anyone have a recommendation as to what might be the best product to go with? Our 30' Flair that we traded in on this one seemed to have a lot of extra metal under there up front and we didn't really have any problem with it. Both Ford chassis.
    Any recommendations or comments would greatly be appreciated.
    Thanks Dan and Gloria
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    Re: Steering stabilization

    You might want to upgrade the shocks Dango. You didn't sat what milage but if it has 24k probably time to replace shocks. I have the 33 ft HR ford chassis and went with Monroe shocks. I also added the steer safe steering system which I really like. Welcomw to the forum
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    Re: Steering stabilization


    Safe-t-steer will help with the wondering and a sway bar/stablizer and as above shocks. Also wight the coach and get the tires aired up for the load first and see what that does. Give Mike a call at Brazels Rv at 1-877-786-1576 for what he thinks you might need. He has a lot of experience, tell him LEN sent you, he did a couple things to my coach and made a big difference.


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