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    Our first year of pulling a travel trailer was a success. We didn't want to invest much until we were sure. So we bought a 1984, nicely kept, 24fter. We were able to some small trips with one 1,500 mile no mechanical problemed vacation. We are hooked! We now are hunting for a newer, bigger, more optioned model. At a low level, I didn't worry about brand, options, etc... I am completely lost in a sea of brands. We are trying to find best value. Not newest, not cheapest. I know the "premium," order in cars. What would be a good loaded, few years old great buy?
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    RE: Stepping up

    We aren't stepping up but are ready to buy our first 5th wheel in a little while. The RV Ratings book will help you sort out the cheap RV's but then you are faced with a "national shopping tour" to find the right one or settle for the relatively few options you have in your area. Our solution was to search the web and we discovered PPL, an RV consignment place in Houston. At any given time they have 300 plus RV's on their lot, all on consignment. They charge the seller 10% and you can shop without a salesman hanging over your shoulder. We figured if we couldn't find the right rig after looking over that many we probably should not be buying one. You can go on their web page, view the pics and the floorplans as well as the asking price. Good luck.

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