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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by mgecan2001, Dec 1, 2010.

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    I've wantedto go RV'ing for years and now (actually late next Spring) is the time to take the bold step forward. My question revolves around the right truck for what I want to do. I had considered a Class A diesel pusher but that's just more than I really need. I've reconsiderd looking at a 24-32 ft. 5th wheeler or conventional trailer. Problem is with the truck to pull it with. I've now have a great 2006 Tacoma bought new and used only for recreational trips. I love it but it obviously doesn't have the beef for what I have in mind.
    Would the new 2011 Ford F-150 with the 6.2 liter V8 be strong enough for what I'm looking to tow? I can't really justify the purchase of a 250 series, diesel powered truck. A 250 series w/diesel is way too much truck for what it would be used for 90% of the time. Is a 150 class truck strong enough chassis-wise for pulling a trailer in mountainous areas and is a shorter bed OK for 5th wheel attachment?
    I live in Illinois but the vast majority of my travels take me to the the mountainous areas of the US. Power is important. The trailer would not be used for full-timing, not retired for a few more years and I'm single so I only need livable space for myself.
    Thanks for any advice anyone might have.

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    Re: Suitable truck

    I definitely would recommend the long bed for either TT or 5ver. There are some lite models that might work with the 150 class but do the math and make sure, also check to make sure you can't buy a 250 as cheaply as a 150 - some real deals to be had nowadays!!!!! The 250 will outlast the 150 and make for a much more enjoyable towing experience.
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    Re: Suitable truck

    I have a F-150, long bed, with the bigger engine in it. 5,000 lbs is just about the limit for it. Any more then that and I can feel the wear and tear being up on her. If you really want a larger 5th or TT I would find a good F-250 or equivalent. That would handle what you are talking about. Just pay attention to your GVCW. ;)
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    Re: Suitable truck

    I was on a lot in the Virginia Beach area recently and saw a new 2011 2500 HD with all of the extras I am looking for priced far less than a new 2010 1500 with a ton of stuff I don't want on a truck. Wasn't interested in talking to a sales person, so I have no idea how much they were willing to deal on either.
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    Re: Suitable truck

    If you did not want to buy a new/used truck at this time then you will be limited as to what you can tow. You may want to try a pop-up, smaller travel trailer at first just to see if you will like the rv'ing/camping scene. Once you determine you will like it and want to continue/upgrade then it will be time for that 3/4/, 1 ton truck. I would highly recommend a diesel. I went from a gas to a diesel and it was the best move I made in rv'ing. Once you have the 3/4 or larger you can upgrade the rv's quit a bit until it is time for something bigger in a truck.

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