Sumitoma tires

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  1. 4116sst

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    Looking for advice. I need 6 new tires for my 37' Damon Intruder. A local tire shop gave a price of $1749.00 for all 6 mounted/balanced/new stems/disposal/ etc.... Does anyone have any pros/cons of Sumitomo ST 718 245/75/R19.5 tires?
  2. utmtman

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    Re: Sumitoma tires

    I used Sumitomo tires on a tent trailer and they are still on it after five years of use by me now my daughter. Dont know anything more about them.
  3. skeeter5

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    RE: Sumitoma tires

    I've been running two Sumitomo tires, 8 x 19.5, on my Coachmen for about 10,000 miles. I had Equal put in them when new and ran them on the front for a while. They bounced a bit over 65. I put them on the rear and put Hercules on the front. The Hercs are a bit smoother, also with Equal. Both Herc and Sumitomo were smoother than Goodyear and a good bit cheaper.

    $1700 seems high for six tires. I believe I paid about $200 each for mine. The Hercules were cheaper than that.

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