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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by DaveT, Jun 3, 2012.

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    We bought a Kestone Laredo 303TG last March. The dining table pushes down and locks into place to make a bed. Summit informed us that the locking mechanism was broke when we were going thru the trailers final detailing and inspection before it was released to us. They promptly wrote us out a "WE OWE YOU" paper and we were promised that they would mail us the new table and we could keep the old one to use as a coffee table or as a table for our brand new outdoor kitchen for the inconvenience!! No problem. So we took the "WE OWE" paper and the trailer and went on our merry way.
    After several weeks and attempts to contact them we were told that the bottom part where the mechanism is located is the only part they can replace AND we have to go there to pick it up as it is too big to mail. We reminded him what the agreement was and he said he would call us back......... he never did.
    We are informed our salesman has been promoted to a finance specialist and wont return our call. We then call Summit RV and we are referred to a "Bobby" in the parts department who says bring whole table back to them to exchange the table for the one here in a box and that I will have to put it together. I stearnly told him we are not in the area and told him of the agreement we had with the salesman and of course he would have to talk with the salesman (now a financial specialist) and its been over a week with no call. I've left several messages with them with no return call. Am I screwed? Anyone out there that knows what i can do?
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    Might want to turn it over to Action line at Good Sam. Dont know if you have to be a GS member or not. Even some local tv stations will jump in and help. Have a lawyer call them.

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