Sunshine Key Resort in Florida

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by vladSchvartsman, Apr 23, 2009.

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    My mother stayed at Sunshine Key Resort in Florida awhile back and it was such a horrible experience we have made a website about it. Sunshine Key Resort staff sucks, and they are lies, cheats and thiefs! I would NEVER reccomend ANYONE EVER go there! the website is

    There are actually two other companies that are liars and cheats with no customer service; Equity LifeStyle Properties, and Encore Resorts. They are Aweful people and should have their business shut down for the way they operate.

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    Re: Sunshine Key Resort in Florida

    Did you do a post in RV Reviews as well. Also it never hurts to notify the BBB about these type people. Good luck to ya and welcome to the forum.
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    Re: Sunshine Key Resort in Florida

    You may have a beef with them, but I'd be very careful about going to the extremes that you are going to. Using their name in your domain name is pretty risky business!

    Since you're only post here is a complaint, I'd bet you are broadcasting your distaste across the Internet. Just be careful you don't get yourself too far out on a limb.
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    Re: Sunshine Key Resort in Florida

    After reviewing ALL the data on this guys web page, I feel he is just another typical lawyer trying to sue someone that hasn't done anything wrong. It sounds as if his mother was being the bully and hiding behind her son the lawyer. Doesn't look to me like he has any case at all and I wouldn't let his rant discourage any one from going to this establishment. Plus he shows in all his pictures captions stating 'his' chair, 'his' dog, 'his' wall space, when it isn't HIS at all but his MOTHER'S! He is merely paying for the space. His mother is actually living there. She is the one the complaints were made about and she is the one making the trouble. This guy wasn't even staying there. Typical lawyer God complex.

    And BTW he can have this web page and title it the way he has. Check out this guys site - Taubman Sucks! . Now this guy really DID have a valid complaint and won, but he also wasn't a lawyer, he was just as smart as one. ;) :eek:

    P.S. Hey TexasC, you might have already heard of this guy since the story is about a mall in Plano, Texas.
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    Re: Sunshine Key Resort in Florida

    Any one going down the Keys way, there ia a place called Bahai Honda. Really nice area. Fishing, boating, BEACH & Not too far or too close to Key West.

    When we were there(just a spur of the moment weekend get away) most of the people camping there were spanish (except us and another couple) & they played Bingo in spanish. Which was an interesting experience. They had an ice cream social after bingo.

    Darlin :cool:

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