Synthetic Oil - Or Not?

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by akjimny, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. vanole

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    Not a synthetic guy but have you ever tried the AMSOIL product "Brightside Miracle Wash". That stuff is a keeper. Comes in spray can (comes out like shaving cream) or liquid form. Leaves a nice shine and it is absolutely the easiest stuff I have ever used to rid the rig of black streaks.

  2. Triple E

    Triple E Senior Member

    No I have not. Just went to the Amsoil web page and found it. I have been using the Mothers Produsts and it works great. I will have to give this stuff a try.
  3. vanole

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    I use Brightside then if I really have some time I utilize Mothers Detailing Wax (container looks like a little fire extinquisher) and together these two are really good products.

  4. Pancanbob

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    Triple E;75099]Bob try calling this number to see if they will do an oil sample for you. 510-895-8400, they are in San Leandro, CA. No, I bought a Fumoto Engine Drain Valve. I open the valve, let drain for a while, close the valve back to a slow drain and take my sample. Western States CAT does use something like the G1206. They pull the sample up from the pan via the oil Dip Stick tube.

    Hi, STeve
    Thanks for the phone number and for the information about the Oil Drain Valve... it will keep me from having to clean up a mess when I do change the oil
    Take care and have a grate long weekend
  5. H2H1

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    Bob and Steve, I have not gotten one yet, buy when I fine one I will buy the engine drain valve. Also Steve my fiter is a fram, 8377, I think!
  6. Triple E

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    Yes this little valve does help with the mess. Before I started using it my floor would be covered with oil. Now I insert it inside a tube and put the other end of the tube in my oil collector. Might get a few drops of oil on the floor but that is all. :applause:

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