Tag Axle? Fish/Boat/SoWest? New Full Timers

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by Kasey2124, Jul 22, 2009.

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    My wife and I just sold our house and went full time (Mar/09). We presently have a '07 H.R. Ambass, 40 PLQ, Cummings 330 DP, and are thinking about upgrading to a 42-43 Newmar or Tiffin (or a '10 Monoco LLC unit). We like the quiet ACs in these models so we don't have to keep turning the TV up/down when they go on/off. Also, like to have a mid-cabin TV and a king bed. Most of these options are in the longer (I'd prefer to stay at 40') 42/43/45 with a tag axle. I have asked a few dealers how much weight the tag axle adds and haven't received any valid information (mostly they guess).

    Also, I talked to an American Coach owner with a tag axle and he said with a 425 Cummings he gets 6 1/2 mpg, regardless what he tows or how he drives.

    This is ending up being a multi-topic question, but I'd like some feed back on how long some of you have been full timing?

    We were in Florida last winter and plan on going to AZ next winter, but we like to fish/boat and are wondering if there are any recommendations for areas to fish/boat/camp in the Southwest?

    I did a seach in this forum for "tag axle" and only found one on the Pros and Cons.

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    Re: Tag Axle? Fish/Boat/SoWest? New Full Timers

    Thanks for the info. We would have to hit the lotto also. But I haven't been able to find the MSRP on the Empress. I'll have to email the mfg.
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    Re: Tag Axle? Fish/Boat/SoWest? New Full Timers

    well I could not think of a better way to enjoy the winning. Man that baby looks great. :laugh:
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    Re: Tag Axle? Fish/Boat/SoWest? New Full Timers

    Now y'all went and did it! Went and got my quick picks. Can't wait to order it.... :bleh:

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