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Discussion in 'Talkback' started by etienne-garland, Nov 21, 2010.

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    My current 5th wheel is totaled. I've decided to get into a 'rig.'

    I need to find someone that is not using their rig and would like to allow me to take over the payments. If it is currenetly finanacied, this can be worked-out with the help of the present owner.

    Contact me via email (Steven.L.Garland@gMail.Com, 404-856-9149) if you would like to discuss further. I am a full timer that is currently shut-down.

    Dealers if you have someone who is 'up-side down' but wants to buy have them contact me. Once I've setteled in, I'll only need one deal.

    I would like to have a rig that has a small study area for computer, printer, scanner quad, diesel pusher, 2 AC with heat pumps. These are just a few wish list items. About 40' with a tandiium and leveling arms. I'm flexible.


    Etienne-Garland (Steve)

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