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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by ryan williams, Mar 26, 2006.

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    this rw, from the "bad business" page. i have looked for tank heaters for count less hours on net. dont know if i using the wrong terms. tried water tank heaters, fresh water tank heaters, holding tank heaters, etc. anybody had the same problem? sorry, were new to rving and had nothing but problems, glad all of you out there are helping cause its getting frustrating! would like to have some popular web sites for these, cause we aint goin back to the crappy dealer we bought it from. thanks yall! cant tell you what it meens to be a community. maybe well be the family next to you some day soon.
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    tank heaters

    Try a search for heat tape. Wrap it around your tank or tanks and plug it in good luck!
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    tank heaters

    Hmmm, I had no trouble finding them 3 years ago when I was looking. Did you try the major RV accessory sites? I think I just went to those sites and searched their catalogs.

    Be aware that there are 3 types. Battery powered, 120v AC and dual power. I suspect the battery powered ones will really drain the batteries fast, but if you don't have access to power may be your only choice. If I was going to get them (no point now; heated bays), I'd tend towards the dual power ones unless the price difference was astronomical. On the other hand, if you boondock a lot, the battery powered ones may be more efficiant than the dual power ones.

    Perhaps your best bet would be to put out a query for those who have actually used them, find out make/models, and go from there.
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    tank heaters

    Our local store carries holding tank heaters in stock. They are dual powered models. Try www.rvmarinesupply.com or call 360-659-7833 and talk to Louise.
    Its in Marysville Washington so if you are close shipping won't be much.

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