Thank You Massachusett

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by Shadow, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Shadow

    Shadow Senior Member

    Can't wait to see the spin by the Dems in the morning. :eek:
    To the 53% in Mass. that get it, thanks again....... ;)

    Headed down to the coast tomorrow to dewinterize the 5er. Was 72 today :laugh: Maybe even get a little fishing in!!
  2. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    Re: Thank You Massachusett

    I agree with you Shadow, the people has spoken :laugh: :laugh:
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Re: Thank You Massachusett

    well don't u all hold u'r breath ,, the fun is yet to come :eek:
  4. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Re: Thank You Massachusett

    Better watch that 72 Shadow it might just be teasing you. While Mass voters seem to be thinking the locals in Bham Al just put one of the crooks back in office.
  5. TexasClodhopper

    TexasClodhopper Senior Member

    Re: Thank You Massachusett

    If I was cynical, I would have noticed the smugness of the dear Ms. Pelosi and would expect another typical "progressive" (NOT Democrat) revelation to follow.

    You might expect one of the "Republicans" in the Senate from a New England state to break with the 41 Republicans and go to the other side. Someone that has laid back as a 'just in case we need you.'

    This could be Ms. Pelosi's 'ace in the hole' that she is so smug about.

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