The RV Delivery Guy......a poem by CT

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    The Trailer Delivery Guy.....
    By CamperTech

    I tow trailers large and small, long and short, I've towed them all.
    From the plant and to the lot, then back them in to parking spots.
    I tow to places far and near, like campgrounds people hold so dear.
    An F-350 pulls them hard, to get those trailers to their yard.

    I use my equalizer bars, to keep from pointing at the stars.
    A sway control I do not take, I just reach down and squeeze my brake.
    Over roads, some straight some narrow, and never used no Hensley Arrow.
    I still however, tow in peace, my only hitch has been a Reese
    Miles and miles and miles I travel, on roads of tar and some of gravel.
    Dodging, weaving, missing cars, some days ending at the bars.
    The tires they make that highway whine, the headlights brilliant with their shine.
    Got to make some miles today, the customers are on their way.

    Rain and sleet and even snow, I still have to make it go.
    The wind just pushed me past the line, and sped up this old heart of mine.
    Slipping, sliding on the hills, no wonder I have to take these pills.
    I still kept it straight and true, to get this brand new rig to you.

    All those trailers small and large, some with motorcycles garage.
    Some fifths, some parks, and a pup, and one with the antenna up.
    One truck camper broke it's chain, and hit the road in wind and rain.
    All the others made it through, this fact I can promise you.

    Now it's at your camping lot, I'll set it up right on that spot..
    Connect the water, power too, and to the john I'll add blue goo.
    Set it firm upon some jacks, or on some sand and mortar stacks.
    I'll have it all set up right, so you can move right in tonight.

    So if you ever pass me by, please raise your thumb and give a hi.
    If I'm too slow, please don't be mad, grumpy people make me sad.
    Down the hill I'll get it rolling, and get that backed up traffic flowing.
    I know you don't have time to linger, but man I hate that middle finger.

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    Re: The RV Delivery Guy......a poem by CT

    Oh heck, I've seen 'you' on the road and even managed to find a place to pass 'you'. Didn't even think about waving! :clown:

    Great poem, "W".

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