The "Volunteer" trailer...ANYONE????

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by TheDegnans, Aug 20, 2010.

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    Hello. :)
    We recently obtained a 13Ft travel trailer. The extremely faded decal on the back says "Volunteer" and the title indicates it is a 1968. It sleeps 4 (at least) and had a shower/toilet and a nice kitchenette. Can anyone tell me about the history of the company that made this trailer? I believe it was the Norris Trailer Company in Tenn. We managed to obtain sales brochure for the 1970 models, but would like to have more information. It seems like there is no information out there.

    The trailer is in good condition (for a 42 year old RV), with the exception of the back left corner, where there has been a leak. The interior damage can be seen about halfway up the wall, and has damaged the floor, which is supporting the fresh water tank (kind of). Are these campers prone to corner leaks (like Mustangs are to Rust)? I have noticed that it does not have a "Drip Rail", but what looks like a "Top edge" moulding

    We are in the process of tearing out the affected paneling and floor. I have already noticed that we will need to replace some wood. I will post pictures as we go.

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