Thinking about our first RV

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by trobinson017, Jul 27, 2009.

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    My wife and I have been thinking about getting an RV for a couple years now. One of our friends has an old Class A gas model
    that we've had lots of opportunities to check out and so the seed has been planted so to speak. The RV we eventually buy we plan to use for local trips for camping, music festivals, auto racing, sightseeing as well as longer distance touring. I also telecommute for work so we plan on taking some extended trips around the U.S. while I continue working from the road.

    We're really trying to figure out if a Class A or a Class C would be best. We do want one between 20 and 30 ft., not too old and slide-outs are not mandatory but would be nice. Oh yeah, and for less than $25K. One one hand I like the Class A because everything, including the driver's cockpit, are all on the same level. That makes it nice if I'm working while she's driving so I can see out the front easily without getting carsick. I also like the enhanced privacy due to the higher front window level. My wife is unsure about piloting a Class A and is leaning towards a Class C for the more normal driving experience. I agree on that point but am not sure if I would like climbing into and out of the driver cockpit in a Class C. Other than that we really don't see much difference between the two. We also don't know whether we should try to find a diesel model or just go with gas. We've found RVs for sale from dealers that fit the above criteria in both Class A and C models. I'm not sure I'd want to deal with a private seller.

    So we're open to any suggestions, advice, do's and don'ts, etc. Hopefully, soon, we'll be among the "traveling free in an RV".

  2. Kirk

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    Re: Thinking about our first RV

    First, let me say that you need to do a lot of study before you select a specific RV. Each type has it's advantages and since we live all of the time in a class A, it is apparent that we prefer them. However, it is also true that the learning curve is probably slightly less for a class A, but not a great deal. I think that you will find that for the price the class A usually offers more, but there are some excellent class C units as well

    Typically, the class C is usually designed for a family and a class A is usually designed for couples. What ever you choose to buy, make sure that you have it checked out completely by a qualified RV tech and also a good mechanic before you spend any money.
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    RE: Thinking about our first RV

    Welcome to the Forum. Firstly, I agree with Kirk. He made some fine points. Now I do own a class A so I may be bias. My wife will not drive it and wants a class C as well. However I do not beleive there is a great difference in wheel base or width between the class C's and the smaller class A's and that is what would alter the drivability. In mho there is little difference in drivability. What ever you choose enjoy the ride! :)
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    Re: Thinking about our first RV

    Welcome to the forum. We also have a Class A and when we were looking we were looking to buy new but price was the main decision maker. I had looked at 5th wheels and Class C's and was going to go with the C until they showed me this A at a price lower than the C because is was the demo unit so they cut one third off the price. We luv it and the wife also drives it with no problems. She will not back it in or take it thru cities. She says she is just too nervous doing either and we have had it three years.
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    Re: Thinking about our first RV

    My wife does drive our Class A, but not a great deal. I actually prefer to drive and as fulltimers we really don't travel with any deadlines so we also keep our travel days short. With our typical travel days only 150 to 200 miles, we seldom need two drivers, but Pam does so enough to be able to in the event she might ever need to do so.

    One thing that you might consider is to arrange for the wife to attend an RV driving school. Friends of ours did that and when she returned she had become the more able driver of the two! Some couples both attend driving schools and the schools usually give the couple a discount over the price of two courses.
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    Re: Thinking about our first RV

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Re: Thinking about our first RV

    Welcome also, My wife drives anything I can

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