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  1. H2H1

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    I was sitting in front of the TV and saw a commercial on rid x and thought would this work on the black holding tank? Now I would never use it that way but, just wandering if it would work. I have use it in my septic tank a few time can't say if it worked there or not. what do you think.
  2. TexasClodhopper

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    Re: thinking out loud

    Most people confuse the "holding tank" in an RV with a "septic system". One is just for temporarily holding "stuff" until you can dump it into the other.

    The only thing you can do with your "holding tank" is deodorize it and keep the "stuff" from sticking to the insides.

    There is no effective bacterial action in a "holding tank" like there is in a septic system, and there is no need for it. You do not need to try and create any, either. Your "stuff" is not in there long enough to need breaking down with additives.

    Save your money for deodorant. Wow! Those things can really smell after a little while! ;)
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    Re: thinking out loud

    Rumor has it that Calgon Water Softener is quite helpful in keeping all the 'stuff' from sticking to the sides of the black tank!! Makes it better for draining and cleaning. I'm trying it now, I will report on the results.
  4. s.harrington

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    Re: thinking out loud

    Rid-x works too slow to do anygood in the holding tanks. A cup of veggie oil will keep stuff from sticking(except in low temp).
  5. Kirk

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    Re: thinking out loud

    Actually, the type of bacteria that is in Rid-Ex is the same as that which is found in a natural system. If you do a little research you will find that with temperatures kept above 40 degrees the natural bacteria will liquefy most human waste products in about 48 hours. I can't recall the percentage but it was near 80%. It doesn't need to complete the process like a septic system because all that you really want is for things to flow out of the tank and into the sewer system. That happens to more than 50% in 24 hours and much more in 48. In a septic system, everything has to degenerate to a point where there are no solids at all and to where the waste is no longer capable of carrying germs and bacteria. The liquid is then to a point where it is non-toxic. that does take about a week but it isn't needed in your RV. The vast majority of fulltimers that we know, and most of our frineds are fulltimers since we have been for eight years, do just as we do and only use generous amounts of fresh water. It was a seminar by an RV tech. that convinced me to give that a try. Most of the chemicals and RV folk lore products are mostly aimed at speeding the process to avoid using enough water or they are designed to sell a product or book or such. We are fulltimers who actually experience what others talk about. It has now been more than five years since we put anything other than generous amounts of water into our black tank for use. We do use a mix of water and laundry detergent to fill the tank 1/2 full or so just before travel about once each three months just to be sure it is as clean as a tank where one put his human waste can ever be. If you add enough water, you can probably put just about anything into the tank with little ill effect other than on your budget.
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    Re: thinking out loud

    Dang Kirk, you are so smart, you must be the walking encyclopedia of RV's repairs. hey hear is something to think about . why don't you make a cd or better write a repair manual bet you could make a lot od money. Thanks for all your suggestions. I dothink that plenty of water should work as you has stated.
  7. DL Rupper

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    Re: thinking out loud

    Calgon just makes the water work better at cleaning the sticky stuff out. :laugh: Of course it ain't free. But then neither is the water anymore. $35/$40 per night on average for a RV Park makes the water part of the full hookups fairly expensive ;)
  8. benwd

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    Re: thinking out loud

    Check out the Geo Method [search geo method]. It uses water softener as part of the process and does a good job of cleaning and disinfecting tanks.

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