Thor Four Winds Five Thousand series

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by judybt, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. judybt

    judybt New Member

    Does anyone have a Four Winds RV? Any comments? What about the Generac generator that comes with it?

    Judy from Florida
  2. SilverBullet

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    Thor Four Winds Five Thousand series

    Last month we purchased a 31' Model P Chateau mfg by Four Winds. Our unit came with an Onan generator. So far we have had a few issues with it but the Dealer has made good on them, so far. We have had it out twice and like it.
  3. jharbrige

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    Thor Four Winds Five Thousand series

    Judy, I am a sales manager at one of the largest rv dealerships in the country, and I have been in the rv industry for 14 years. I do not carry the Four Winds coach here but I can give you my opinion on it. I think for what they offer both in equipment, construction characteristics and price they are fabulous. They are one of the many coaches that Thor industries produces(Thor is the largest manufacture of RV's in the country) and they do a wonderful job. My expereinces with them and there have been many have been nothing less than exceptional. If you have any other questions that are specific to what you are looking at or for please feel free to call me on my personal cell #(406)490-1789. Best of luck Jay

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