throttle position sensor location

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    Hi, I am a newbe and love all the information I have gathered from this place, but I do not find the answer to my question anywhere.

    We have a 1992 Gulfstream Tourmaster, 3060 Allison trans. Don't know alot about the motor or trans. I got my ecu remanufactured because it was showing the code for it and also the code for the Throttle position sensor. Now that the ecu is fixed I cleared all the codes and it is still showing a tps code. I have looked around the engine and under the pedal and nothing there. a friend thats a mechanic, not a diesel mechanic, and he could not figure out where it is.

    When I took it home after reinstalling the ecu, it ran fine and the ecu didnt do the blinking and alarms that it did before, but when I stopped at a stop sign, it died. When I finally got it started again it showed drive but would not go into gear. Tried it again and still wouldnt move, I pushed the mode button and I think that is economy, it did what it was suspose to do, drive forward... When I got home and put it in neutral then cut it off and later on started it back up, it would not go into reverse untill I pushed the mode button and then no problem. Any ideals on this??

    I am going to sell this thing as soon as I get it fixed, I think I will go with a fifth wheel...


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