Tibet in July with RV

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Ronn, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Ronn

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    Hi, I am looking for a travel companion for a road tour from India to Thailand via Nepal, TIBET and Laos.
    It will be a very exciting journey over the highest roads in the world, the highest mountain pass is 17,100 ft. The road is also very close to Mount Everest. Lot of different culture and people.
    Duration about 5 weeks.
    I have my motorhome already in India, last year I drove it from Europe to Bombay. I have international RVing experiance in 44 countries on four continents. The RV is 28' and has separate sleeping quarters.
  2. vanole

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    Re: Tibet in July with RV


    I do hope you post some pictures. During one of my military assignments I went with a Security contractor to Nepal to recruit Gurka's for US Embassy guards in the Mid-East. Only desciption I can say is AWESOME. Been to Thailand also on numerrous occaisions. Never got to Tibet or Laos but I'm sure you will see some awesome scenery and kharsts.

    Fly Navy
  3. SmokinT

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    RE: Tibet in July with RV

    Ron. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime! What is your criteria for a "travel companion"? Expenses, etc. I may know someone who might be interested.
  4. 5thwheelJ

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    Re: Tibet in July with RV

    Sounds like an amazing trip!
  5. BEKM3

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    RE: Tibet in July with RV

    Oh, Please if you take the trip tell us all about it and pictures please ...totally Awesome ..

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