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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Guest, Nov 12, 2011.

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    well as of now ,, my MH is done for the season ,, it has pink stuff in it's belly ,, and about to go to it's big garage for the winter ,, hate to do it ,, but too damn cold for either me or it ,, it hates cold like i do ,, it was mad at me in Oct ,, when it got cold at night ,, so it decided to spring a water leak ,, but all is ok now ,, i will not have it back out till about mid april ,, if it is warm enough ,, but if we get a warm winter ,, like all the old timers are saying ,, then i will have it back home to get some pre spring trip stuff done ,, man i hope so ,, i can't wait to go agian ,, we have alot of trips planned for this next yr ,, some close and some far ,, but that's ok ,, as long as it's warm and sunny ,, we will go :triumphant:
  2. Pancanbob

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    Well you could move out West.. or go south... it is wormer
    But look at the bright side you don't have to dump the black water tank???
    Just trying to cheer you up a little
    Hope this helps, but I don't think it will
    Take care
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    Yeah Rod - You can tell when they're mad at you when they pee on the carpet. It'll get warm again soon and you'll be off to the beach and I will be on my way back to Alaska. Hopefully see you all in the Fall at the M&G.
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    well i guess we all gotta save up more for any spring and summer trips this yr ,, they say ,, that gas will prolly hit an almost record of 3.99 a gal in april ,, hell they are already calling for gas hikes for the thanksgiving travel ,, we here in TN are at 3.10 right now ,, but they have said we will hit 3.39 to 3.49 by next week ,, well for me i am once agian budgeting my fuel expense for our spring trip at 5.00 a gal ,, or maybe more ,, heck i will figure 6 bucks a gal ,, that way i have alittle lee way ,, if u know what i mean :) don;t get me wrong ,, i don;t mind spending money on fuel no matter how high it gets ,, just as long as i can go ,,, at any cost ,, most rvers are like that ,, they will go ,, no matter the cost ,, i for one will ,, money is nothing ,, if u can go and have fun somewhere ,, if i can spend 1k on a CG space ,, what is the down fall of 6 bucks a gal for fuel to get there ??? JMO :applause:
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    We have been paying $3.80 here all summer and fall long. If your gas goes up to $4.00 then wil will be at $5.00. :mad:
  6. bandalop

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    Warm & Sunny OK

    Warm and sunny is OK but Hot!, forget it! We went out the first of summer, May-June time frame, and like to burn up. Terrible trip! This summer was murder. No more of that! Just got back from Big Bend National Park in Texas. Great trip, cool weather. That's more like it!
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    well I just got back from Charleston S.C.spent Thankgiving with son and family and I paid $3.08 for gas there, and that was all around. The most I saw was $3.39. And last week I paid 3.07 in Alburn Al.

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