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    My new "used" 1993 32' Cruise Air has at least 3 tires that are of 2002 vintage... they appear to have excellent tread left and a very slight sidewall texture..not cracking per se' but probably pre- cracking if this makes any sense. I am planning on learning motor homing by taking several in state trips for long weekends so here's the question - - - Even with good tread how old is too old on a tire? FYI we just drove it over 1400 miles with no tire troubles but then what did WE know? lol

    I've found a quite good looking Korean tire at $125 installed and am thinking this isn't a very large investment but I don['t want to replace the 02 tires if experienced motor homers say it's not a problem.... Chime in gang, I'm waiting to hear.
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    Re: TIRES

    Well from what I have read on this site, you are pushing your luck with tires more than 5 or 6 years old. Even if they look great you are still taking a chance. My tires are 22.5 and per my tire store these are true truck tires and should be able to run them until they are bald. Except trucks will rare out their tires in a couple of years, so go figure.

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