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  1. dan 4880

    dan 4880 New Member

    i am about to replace the two front tires on an rv, the rv currently has tires with a F rating, do i have to use only F rated tires , or could i put on E rated tires without causing any problems?
  2. Grandview Trailer Sa

    Grandview Trailer Sa Senior Member

    Re: tires

    Depending of the weight of your RV, you may have to keep the F rating. They are 14ply where the E is 10ply. Compaire weight ratings stamped in each tire. If there is much difference, stay with the F's.

    ARCHER Senior Member

    Re: tires

    I have always said you should stick with the same kind, type, size, etc., tire all the way around on your unit..... ;)

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