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Discussion in 'Hitches & Towing Questions' started by Cruzincat, Sep 30, 2013.

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    I didn't look at the prices yikes I wouldn't either. But by time you have brakes and the tow stuff, on a rig, if new, you will be pushing $2000-$3000 to set up for the tow plus the cost of the toad itself. I'm sure there are other brands around that are a bit more hungry or buying used.

  2. Cruzincat

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    I am beginning to think that the best option for now is to get the tow dollies. While it is something you have to deal with when you get to the CG, it simplifies Toad selection In fact, I might be able to get away with towing my company supplied RAV4. I will have to read the company policy first. I know we are not permitted to tow with it, but if there is nothing explicit or implied in the policy, it might be worth taking the chance. Worst that could happen is early retirement!

    One question I have now is, I know you have to unlock the steering wheel, but is there a way to do that without having to leave a key in the switch, generally speaking? I know some cars might be different, but is there a way to test it?
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    cruzincat you do NOT have to do any thing to the car if it is on a car dolly. The dolly itself pivot when you are turning the MH. I am assuming it is a front wheel drive vehicle, if so, pull up on it put in park, BUT NOT SET THE PARKING BRAKES that your rear brakes,,,,,get out and put on the tire support straps and racket them tight and you are good to go.
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    Looks more and more like the car dolly might be right for you. Just looked at setting up a rig 4 down with new comes to around $2500. A new dolly would be in the $1000- $2000 range but make sure it has brakes used from $700-$1500. The Rav4 can be towed on a dolly if its a stick shift but if its a AWD other things must be added. A front wheel drive can be towed with the dolly as the rear tires are free wheeling anyway. You do not have to unlock the steering with a car dolly as the dolly does the steering 4 down you must unlock the steering.


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