Tornado in Smithville MS

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by Blueeyes, May 1, 2011.

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    My sister was in her office in Smithville when the tornado went through. It broke out the windows in her office as they huddled in the hallway. She said it truly did sound like a train running on the roof & felt as through they were being sucked out of the building. It smashed all of their cars & took off a giant oak tree.
    We are so glad she survived un-hurt. She said when it was over & they went outside that every building but theirs was totally gone. Nothing left but the foundation.
    The miles of total destruction are unbelievable.

    My father's first couisen & her huband were both killed. They were only 61 & 63 and had 4 children & 7 granchildren.

    The people of this town were unbeliveable. As soon as the winds slowed down they were outside cutting trees off the highway in order to transport the injured to the nearby town's hospital & this town's doctors & nurses walked in to Smithville in order to treat the injured.

    Please keep all the injured & the ones who lost loved ones in your thoughts.
  2. C Nash

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    Re: Tornado in Smithville MS

    Sorry to hear of your kin that were killed in the terrible storms Deb. Worst I have seen in my 71 yrs. So far the death toll is around 250 here in Alabama.
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    Re: Tornado in Smithville MS

    Yes, it was a terrible storm. The one that went thru Tuscaloosa was terrible.
    Thanks for you reply.
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    Re: Tornado in Smithville MS

    Well, I agree it has been the worst April for storms in my memory.

    All of the affected are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Nash, it's good to see you online! :) We were plenty worried about you and your family too.

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