Total outside vinyl repair (call me crazy)

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by cougarkid, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. cougarkid

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    Alright guys and gals,

    I am planning to repair the outside of our RV. May be a month or 2 before I get to it, but it will get done. We have plans sell off all our "stuff" and live it for a couple of years.

    Bought it (1989, 32' G.B. Class A) a little over a year ago for under $5000. A little tune-up work, brakes and a muffler and we were in business. Took it from Missouri to New York (city and state) and back on a 2 week trip without a hitch. Its been to Indy and back several times, too.

    It has a good rubber roof but has torn/worn edges down the length of both sides. Showed signs of water damage (wavy vinyl panels) when we bought it. Inside is in excellent shape with no water damage visible. Caulked the edge cracks 3 times now. Going to "Eternabond" tape the edges full length, but want to fix the walls first.

    I spoke with a company (now Coachman) Rep. NO wiring or piping in the walls. It is a factory setup of vinyl panels over 1/4" Luan over 1 1/2" styrofoam insulation with interior paneling. Right now I can easily peel back large areas of the vinyl away from the luan and pull out fragments of the damp, rotten wood.

    I plan to remove all the windows/doors/grills/moldings, etc. off the outside and then "peel" the siding off. Any edge wood (2x2's) that are bad will be replaced. I will peel/scrape the old luan from the foam and the siding, glue new luan on the foam and then glue the siding on the luan. Re-install everything with new sealant. All the molding and edge strips get re-screwed into place. "Tape" the roof edges, put on the drip/gutter molding and I should be set.

    You all may call me crazy, but I figure I can do it all for about $550.00 in materials.

    Suggestions and advice welcome.

  2. TexasClodhopper

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    Re: Total outside vinyl repair (call me crazy)

    I hope you document it as you go along and post the pictures in your album here. I like to watch. ;)
  3. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: Total outside vinyl repair (call me crazy)

    I would like to see that too, but I can't believe it can be done for $550.00. Good Luck and let us know how it comes out.
  4. cougarkid

    cougarkid Senior Member

    Re: Total outside vinyl repair (call me crazy)


    Will do my best to document it with pictures as I go. Can't make any promises, I tend to get caught up in the process and forget to take pictures. I do have a new hard drive camcorder/camera, so I am getting better at it.


    The cost is for 1/4" luan, 2x2's, glue, Eternabond and sealant tape (windows, doors, etc). No labor cost - I work on my own stuff for free. For example, I removed, cleaned, greased, tightened and reinstalled a "sloppy" bell crank (price to just buy = $320.00) for $0 cost to me. Brake job (all 4 sets of disc pads) and master cylinder for just the cost of parts.

    When we bought it, we had a tranny line leak on the way home. Got helped by a kind gentleman on the road.

    He said, "You can't own a used RV unless you are willing to get under it and get dirty." He was right.

  5. utmtman

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    Re: Total outside vinyl repair (call me crazy)

    Good luck to ya as well. Post the pics, I too would be interested in seeing.
  6. cougarkid

    cougarkid Senior Member

    Re: Total outside vinyl repair (call me crazy)

    Well, as usual, plans change.

    One son going off to Tulsa for school...taking the RV to live in.

    Outside repairs put on hold.

    Will "Eternabond" seal the roof edges and do the major repair next year.

  7. bobbiep

    bobbiep New Member

    Re: Total outside vinyl repair (call me crazy)

    Next year huh? Darn! I was looking forward to that!
    I cannot call you crazy cause My husband and I did something similar to what you are planning, to a 1972 32' Vogue (Used to be the top of the line in motorhomes). Gosh but it turned out beautiful! We lived in it full time for 17 years! Then it burned to the ground! Seems as though that wonderful stuff they put in the gas, MTSB, rotted out the fuel line (which in those days were rubber) and since the engine was hot it caught fire.

    We have that problem with the wavy panels and we were told it would cost $5,000 to replace them. Can't they just be re-glued?

    Now we are living in a 1994 37' Airex and I still miss my old vogue! I would like to ask you about your brake job, since I just got a quote today for $3500 for a brake job. Can you believe that? I am still reeling, I simply cannot believe any brake job would cost that much. That is for brake pads, all 4 calipers, rear axel rotors and turning the front rotors.

    What do you think about that? Should I try to shop around? They say they cannot let it leave the shop unless it's towed, by law. (Man I hate California, you can't do anything anymore without big brother dictating to you)

    Would appreciate any comments from anyone out there. And I can't wait for the rolling photo shoot of your motorhome project!

  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Re: Total outside vinyl repair (call me crazy)

    Bobie,, how bad were u'r brakes worn???? there is a little variations that most can and can't do ,, when it comes to the safety factor ,,, but 3,500 sounds like a whole bunch ,, why did the rear rotors need replacing?? and the front ones only turned ,,, u use more brking in the front than u do the rear ,, anyway ,, also why all calipers??? they are working ok ,, right??? sounds like a sales pitch to me ,, i would do that brake job for u ,, for about more than 1/2 of that ,, and not sell u stuff u don't need ,,, IMO i would get a second oppinion,, but i would also question ,, why they will not let u drive it out of the shop ,, i under stand the safety stuff ,, I lived in NM for awhile ,, and they have kinda the same thing Cali ,, has ,, but it had to be a proven fact that it was unsafe to drive ,, like rotors ,, completely gone ,, pads ,, with nothing left ,, but the laws may have changed since then (been about 22yrs) anyway i woud question them on it ,, if it were me ,, but agian this is MO ;) :approve: :approve: :approve: :) :)
  9. cougarkid

    cougarkid Senior Member

    Re: Total outside vinyl repair (call me crazy)


    Glad to hear I am not crazy. The guy at Georgie Boy said it can be reglued, but not something they would do. The wood (luan) is rotten, so it will have to be replaced too.

    Not a good deal on the brake issue.
    As 730 said, I would fight them about not being able to drive it out of the shop. Basically, they are holding your RV hostage and forcing you to have THEM fix it. Hard to believe it it THAT bad.

    Most calipers can be rebuilt (gaskets and piston, if needed) for a LOT less than replacing them.
    Pads are not that expensive, if you buy them at the parts store.
    Not sure on rotor prices.
    I am sure their labor rate is killing you, too.

    Contact a dealler in your areaand see about part prices.

    Know any mechanics that would be willing to go over with you and take a look at it? Maybe they can get the shop to back down and let you drive it home.

    Who regulates the inspections? Get the REAL athorities involved, via aphone call, and find out if the shop can force you to tow the RV.

    Good luck and don't give up!


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