Totally New to RVing

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by timmy2take, Dec 29, 2008.

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    I'm that new to it that I don't even know what RV means! - But I am very keen to get an RV in around March time in California.

    I've searched about a few sites to see how much it'd be, I've kind of blown away by all the small print that the sites have, but I suppose these are expensive machines! Does anyone have any companies that they can recommend in California?

    A few of the things i've thought of are:

    How do you go about using the generator? Will it be fuel powered or off an electric supply?

    How do you go about changing the chemicals/waste water in the bathroom?

    As there will be 4 adults we'd be needing quite a big RV, I was wondering how the police take to people sleeping in them by the roadside, or

    Any other things I need to look out for?

    I'm not being totally lazy, I have had a look through the Newbie part of the forum, but haven't really come across anyone totally new to RVing as me.

    Many thanks!
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    RE: Totally New to RVing

    welcome to the forums ,, i will and others will try to help u out as much as possible ,,,
    1) i can't help u on the dealers in Cali ,, but i am sure other's will

    2) the genset runs off a fuel source ,, be it the main thank in a MH ,, or propane ,, if in a TT u have to have a tank installed for it ,, or use the tank on the set ...

    3) tank chems ,, very easy just dump the tanks ,, and add chems as needed .. u have at least 2 main tanks (some tt's have 3) gray water ,, this is from the shower ,, sink and clothes washer (if u get one) black tank ,, is just that ,, the yuccky stuff u don't want on u'r shoes

    4) most of the rvers' don't get harrased by the police ,, if they stay for a short time in a rest area ,,, Walmart parking lot ,, and of course truck stops welcome rver's

    well i have mentioned a few ,, not enough space on here to list everything ,, but more will put in their 2 cents worth ,, but keep an open mind ,, most know what they are talking about on here ,, just listen and ask ,, we won't be offended by a ques ,, it's part of learning the rv life style :approve: :approve: :) :)
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    RE: Totally New to RVing

    my grandparents were rv'ers,and i grew up around them, we got our first rv in our early thirties,and if i didnt know something,id ask sombody who had a similar trailer questions.always got the help.and it goes on today.almost always other campers are willing to answere questions and with the internet, its really easy.
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    RE: Totally New to RVing

    Hi timmy2take

    I was in your position this time last year. I wasn't even sure I knew the right questions to ask. I found the folks here were very helpful and am very grateful to them. I also found this book extremely useful:

    'How to Select, Inspect, and Buy an RV', by JD Gallant

    Go to :

    It helped me work out what type of RV was for me, what to look for, what the potential problems were, and how to get the best of a deal at an RV dealership. The latter I didn't use because I decided not to buy new. But the rest of the book walked me through the whole process very clearly.

    With the guide, I also got a couple of CDroms which gave me a pretty much complete guide to the quality and safety of all machines built in the last ten years; indispensable!

    The guide costs around $30 at the moment I think, but for me, it was money well spent. I shudder to think what we might have ended up with if I hadn't bought the guide.

    My partner and I have had a fantastic adventure traveling around the western States since last March, and will be returning to the UK in January. Hmm... don't suppose you want to buy our RV? :0)

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    Re: Totally New to RVing

    Welcome to the forum.
    In California, Recreation Vehicle dealers are plentiful. Some small and some large. Depending on the brand and type of RV your looking for would narrow your search. Coming up soon should be some RV shows which might be of help. I think there is a RV show (or some kind of show) in Sacramento starting Jan. 15th. Another good size show would be a the Alameda County fairgrounds in Pleasanton. Just to name a few. Good luck and keep the questions coming.
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    Re: Totally New to RVing

    Hi, timmy2take……… Welcome to the Forum
    You sound like you are from “Overseas”
    I’m not trying to be rude or anything like that.
    There are several people from other country touring the USA
    And you may fine these URL helpful
    “The Englishman America Tour”

    Travel USA – a Brit perspective, he talks about VISA, Banking, Driving License, and so it should be helpful to you

    You may want to think about renting before buying, just to make sure this is what you want.
    You can get books on Rving, at Amazon

    There is a Free Add service for buying / selling, Dealers advertise here too and sometimes private people will rent their RV.
    Called Craig’s List for less expense then commercial.
    I’ve never use Craig’s List, but I have look at it.
    Be very careful you will have very little recourse once the have your money. There are a lot “Rip off Artist”

    How do you go about using the generator? Will it be fuel powered or off an electric supply?
    As for Electric power a RV :
    You normally have 3 source of power; 1) Battery - 12 Volts DC, 2)Shore Power – 120 Volts AC at 69~ cycles 3)on board generator - also 120 Volts AC at 69~ cycles

    1) Most RV have two Batteries: both should be 12 Volts DC
    One for engine (starting, running lights, like a car would have)
    The second battery is “The house” battery; this will run the house lights (inside the RV)
    They are normally kept separate, but when you are running the motor, it should re-charge both batteries.
    2) “Shore Power” this you get from your home or some other commercial source, a heavy duty extension cord. This will be 120 Volts @ 60 ~ cycles
    3) Onboard Generator, the run off gasoline, diesel Fuel, or Propane, more offend then not they will run on whatever the motor is using.
    Note # 2 & 3 should also recharge you house battery, but not the engine battery. Also this is how most RV are set up, NO ALL.

    How do you go about changing the chemicals/waste water in the bathroom?

    Most have two waste tanks, and a third tank for fresh water.
    1) Gray water tank, receive wastewater from the kitchen, Shower, & bathroom sink.
    2) black water tank receive waste from the toilet.
    These tank are drained or “dumped” as needed (don’t let them over fill) via a large diameter(3 inch.) hose into a sanitary sewer.
    I hope this will answer some of your questions.
    Get the books and read, they will probibly have better and more information the me.
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    Re: Totally New to RVing

    Wow...nice write up

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