Touring mountain dulcimer player needs help!

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by DreadDulcimer, May 12, 2011.

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    Hi, all!

    In about three weeks, I go on a festival tour for a month (North Carolina, Ohio, New York, Maryland and back home to Florida) and I'm under pressure to buy a Class B campervan on a micro-budget (no more than $15,000.) The vehicle I was *going* to use suddenly became unfit and renting a car isn't an option. My wife and I have been looking at getting me into an RV for some time as it would help save on motel lodging and now our hand has been forced. Though I can rough it with the best, I've been led to understand that a generator, a/c, toilet/shower, microwave, water tanks and stove are a MUST. Not knowing anything about RVs, and probably not able to bring along a mechanic to give everything a look, I'm in need of some specific insight; can you give a newbie some clues on what to look, listen and feel for during inspection?

    On another note, after poring over hundreds of Florida RV listings from both dealers and private owners, I've come across some recurring models and even some Class C bargains and wonder if anyone knows of existing issues with these? For example, I've found two 1988 Ford Falcons for around $8000, but have read elsewhere about problematic window seals and leakage. I know it really depends on how well each vehicle was maintained, but it seems that some issues have sprung up irregardless. The short list:

    * 26' 1988 Mini Winnie - 60k $8500

    * 24' 1998 Gulfstream Conquest Limited Edition - 49k - $11,000 (exhaust problem w/ generator)

    * 21' 1992 Toyota Mini Winnie Warrior - 49k - $12,000 (dream catch, hope it's still available!)

    * 20' 2002 Roadtrek 190 Popular - 44k - $29,000 (way out of my price range - but if I can finance....)

    * 20' 1999 Dodge Coach House Platinum 192KS Wide Body - 99k - $15,900 (*eek!* on the mileage, dealer sale)

    * 19' 1990 Dodge Coach House - mileage not listed - $7,400

    * 19' 1995 Dodge Coach House - 200k! - $7,500 (no shower)

    * 1991 Ford E150 Amerigo - $3500 (toilet, no shower or generator - last choice option, cheaper than renting a car and booking even the cheapest rooms, but would I regret it later?)

    The '88 Falcons are still under consideration as well. So, what are the "bare necessities" that I'm looking for? What glaring warning signs should be considered? The information out there is overwhelming and I've such a short time to glean as much as possible, so please forgive my utter cluelessness. I appreciate any and all input plus suggestions on comparable models that I should consider.

    On a final note - I have found quite a few older Class A motorhomes within my price range - but I'm really wary of getting a bargain on the front end, only to be knocked down by difficult-to-find parts down the road and exceedingly thirsty gas tanks. Is this right thinking?

    Thank you for your consideration and assistance!

    Sho na bish, (Miccosukee for 'thank you')

    Bing Futch
  2. keithb

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    RE: Touring mountain dulcimer player needs help!

    You can rent a lot of hotels rooms and eat a lot of meals for $15K. Just sayin. :laugh:
  3. akjimny

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    Re: Touring mountain dulcimer player needs help!

    And you can sink a lot more money into a used motor home - I know this. Don't ask how. :eek: :eek: :angry: :angry:

    But, if I had to make a choice from that list, I'd pick to 1992 Toyota.
  4. Triple E

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    Re: Touring mountain dulcimer player needs help!

    Well just to answer one of your questions, my dad had a 1998 Gulfstream Conquest. I think his was a 29 footer but can't say for certain. Anyway, he loved it. Dad did trade it in for a newer Holiday Rambler, wasn't going to be happy until he had owned a class A. If he was still alive he would tell you he liked the Conquest the best.
  5. keithb

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    RE: Touring mountain dulcimer player needs help!

    If you are going be in one place multiple days I would go on Craigslist to "housing wanted". I afraid your analogy about saving money on hotels does not hold water. Most of vehicles you're looking are 10+ years old. Could be a money pit.
  6. Kirk

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    Re: Touring mountain dulcimer player needs help!

    Notice that the RVs available for $15K are mostly 20+years old. If you buy one, plan to spend a lot of money on repairs, or a lot of time doing the repairs yourself. These things wear out just as cars do. Many of those will be little more than rolling junk. Are you an RV expert so that you will know the difference? Are you prepared to pay an RV tech to check out the coach and a mechanic to check over the chassis?

    You could be making a terrible mistake!

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