tow pkkg wiring on motorhome

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  1. campsmoke

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    We purchased a used 2005 Fleetwood Pace Arrow model 37C Gas - my question is - does the workhorse chasis come wth the connection under the dash for the brake lights and electric brake connection for a tow dolly? We also have a problem with the emergency window in the bedroom which cannot be closed from the inside as one of the stainless steel arms seems to be bent. Any ideas? Any comments will be appreciated! Safe travels!

  2. brodavid

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    Re: tow pkkg wiring on motorhome

    welcome to the forum
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    Re: tow pkkg wiring on motorhome

    hello Norman and welcome again, I have 2003 Fleetwood Southwind, the connection is next to the hitch, it should be prewired for a 7wire round plug. However you can buy a adapted that plugs into that that will feed a 4wire flat connector for a dolly. I use to pull a car dolly and that is how mine is set up.
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    Re: tow pkkg wiring on motorhome

    I didn't understand the question about the window? Do you mean the slide won't work, or is the emergency exit the problem?

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