Tow vehicle and mileage

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by gladned, Nov 14, 2009.

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    Hi all,

    This is my first post ever, on this site or anywhere, so bear with me if you don't get a reply - I'll be figuring this out as I do it.

    We are thinking of buying a 26 (exterior length) Jayco that weighs 5200 with water and propane and has a limit of about 7000, when loaded. We will be buying a USED vehicle to pull it. We're thinking full sized SUV (though I'm reading that it has to be a fairly big one- like a 5.4 liter or larger and a V8 or "hemi"- whatever that is) or a truck.

    Here is the question- What would you suggest and does anyone actually have about the same sized camper who could let us know what you pull it with and some info on your gas mileage. thanks, new RVer
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    Re: Tow vehicle and mileage

    I have a similar size trailer (26 ft Keystone hideout) I have a 01 4X4 suburban with a 5.3 vortec that will barely tow it, horrible for power on the highway and 11 mpg towing (flatland at 55 mph). Not what I'd recommend. I also have a 96 one ton duallie 4X4 chev with a vortec 454 that will tow that trailer like its not there at all, probably wouldn't care if the trailer brakes were on or not up hill with a headwind doing 70mph and still get 10 mpg towing. problem with the 454 is that the mileage does not improve much with the trailer disconnected. Sub gets 20s on the highway empty and will travel on the highway in great comfort and has lots of power for hills etc.........until you hook it up to a trailer.

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