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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by JP, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. JP

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    We have just retired and have been 'full time' RVers since April. I want to tow a pickup truck with my motorcycle (Gold Wing) in the box. What kind of tow vehicle and other issues should I consider? Is anyone else doing this? JP
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    tow vehicle

    depending on your type of rv, there are several hoists that fit on the back of the mh that easily handle the wing and allow you to also flat tow a car/truck. the one i saw was about $1700, but you probably need a diesel (heavier chassis, etc) to accomidate the hoist and bike. the wing weighs 900 lbs and the hoist is about 400 lbs. most gas chassis' (or is it chassii?) can't handle the extra 1300 lbs hanging 10 feet behind the rear axle.
  3. Kirk

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    tow vehicle

    JP, the first thing to consider is the extra weight that you will be carrying. If you do as the previous post suggests, you will need to make sure that you have the weight capacity on your rear axle to carry the weight of the GoldWing and the carrier, which is highly unlikely since it will be multiplied by the distance that it is located behind the axle. I would figure that it will at least add double the weight of both. Then if you do add that type of carrier, I strongly suggest that you weigh the rig to be sure that your rear axle is not over weight. If you have a gas chassis, there isn't much doubt that it will be.

    If you put it into the bed of your truck you have a much better chance of avoiding an over weight problem. What you need to check there is the GCWR or grass combined weight rating and then subtract from that the actual weight of your motorhome when ready for travel. You can get that at any public scale. The if the difference is enough there should be no problem in adding the bike to the pick-up bed. But I would be sure to have auxilary barks for the pick-up to be able to stop in an emergency.
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    tow vehicle

    QUOTE FROM KIRK: But I would be sure to have auxilary "barks" for the pick-up to be able to stop in an emergency.

    Chihuahua's work very well for this tho some overdo it and go all out for the Rotzies. I guess that would be more bark for the buck. He He He.... :laugh: :evil: :laugh:

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