Tow Vehicle ?

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Art Sanderson, Nov 14, 2001.

  1. Art Sanderson

    Art Sanderson New Member

    I am looking at a 25' Trailer that has a GVW6500 and I am new at this and would like to purchase a 4 Door short bed truck. Should it be a
    1/2 Ton or a 3/4 Ton? or should I go for a HD SUV. Please.. I need help and information.
  2. Vern M

    Vern M New Member

    Tow Vehicle ?

    You'll be happiest with a 3/4 ton with the longer wheel base. Short wheelbase tow vehicles tend to have much more trouble with swaying, etc. Heavier means better stopping control as well.

    Vern M,
    The Little House on the Highway (tm)
  3. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Tow Vehicle ?

    Agree with Vern on the 3/4 ton long w/base for a tow vehicle. The h/d SUV would be ok if you need the extra room in your tow vehicle. Which ever you chose, be sure it has all the towing packages installed. The 1/2 ton will tow this unit if it has the right engine, towing package and rear axle ratio and as Vern said the breaking is not nearly as good on the 1/2 ton. Good luck and post what you get.

    Chelse L. Nash

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