Towing a SUV

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Dave_M, May 18, 2004.

  1. Dave_M

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    I would like to be able to tow a SUV behind my rig, 4 wheels down. I am in the market for a new SUV. I am a novice at this and have determined so far that some cannot be towed without extensive modifications. While others require no modifications. Does anyone on this list have experience with which SUV's are towable with no modifications?

  2. Butch

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    Towing a SUV

    Dave, We have been towing Suzuki's for several years and have been quite happy with them. The Tracker from G.M. is the same vehicle...
  3. Starship

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    Towing a SUV

    Jeeps are also very good toads. Motorhome mag puts out a towable issue every year.

    Might try thier web site ( and see if they have info or if you can get a reprint of the article. It covers quite a list of vehicles with good info.

    Good Luck

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