Towing Capacity F-250 4x4

Discussion in 'Towables' started by Sailingnut, Jul 25, 2011.

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    I really need help with this. Ford won't help. They say its too old; buy a new truck from us and stats will be on file. Say that all salespeople from that ancient time are gone.(I think they just don't want to do a manual retrieval from microfiche.) I have a heavy duty 3/4 w/MGVR of 8800 and rear axle 6084. Engine is a Windsor 5.8 gas and tranny has a a HD rebuild (tranny with OD switch). If tag was on differential, it is gone so gear ratio is unknown. Truck has had a lot of updates for towing. Ford told me turning wheels and counting rev per one of driveshft not good. Ford op manual gone b4 I bought truck. New rear leafs on truck with 800# over a one ton rating. I have Husky 3,750 tongue wt/15,000 trailer wt FW hitch. Will this safely tow a 94 Mountain Aire 39 ft w/13,480# dry wt)? One time tow from MI to AL to set on owned lot. Thanks for your help. :)
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    Re: Towing Capacity F-250 4x4

    Might tow it, but not safely...not with a 5.8 gas engine. That engine never rated to tow 13,500 pounds. You told us everything about your truck except the can find tow ratings on line.

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