Towing my Saturn?

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    I am in the process of getting estimates to have my car towed behind my Damon Class A. My Damon already has been hooked up with the towing package, meaning it has smart breaking system and blue ox on the bumper to tow the car. All I need now is to get my Saturn equiped to be towed.

    Can you folks give me a ball park figure on the cost of getting my Saturn hooked up and ready to be towed?

    Thanks !!!
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    Re: Towing my Saturn?

    WELL Todd it was going to cost me almost 1500.00 to get the base plates and wiring done to my Honda Accord. And I already had the blue ox tow bar. I just thought this was to much so I went back to a car dolly and that serve us well. Hope this was helpful
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    RE: Towing my Saturn?

    Try and find a Camping World in your area. Tell them what you have/don't have and they will be happy to tell you what the cost is. I find their cost to be pretty close to other RV shops.
    To do my Pacifica, from scratch, the cost will be close to $2200.00 Happy trails!
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    RE: Towing my Saturn?

    I tow a 2005 Saturn Vue and while I dont recall what I paid for the parts, they were fairly easy to install so I did it myself and saved about half of what it would have cost. The directions were fairly easy to follow and if you have fairly good mechanical skills it isnt very diffucult.


    Re: Towing my Saturn?

    After doing some research I found a place in Johnstown, Oh. (Ron Potts Rv) who is going to do the work for $1285. I have had them do work for me in the past and they are fair and honest ! Thanks for your input. Saturn wanted $2000 to do the same work.

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