Towing Truck

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Joan, Oct 7, 2001.

  1. Joan

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    My husband and I are ready to purchase a truck with the intent of towing a 5th wheel (25 ft) in another year. What recomendations can you give regarding the type of truck to purchase? Engine type, etc. Thank you. Joan
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    Towing Truck

    This is one of those "depends" a lot of research to determine the actual weights you will be pulling. Check the truck manuals - Check the trailer spec charts - don't depend on either the truck or the salesman's word. Chances are they are not well versed on the subject and they are interested in selling the vehicle! There is usually a lot of discussions on various forums - look in and peruse the discussions going a good ways back...I know it has been done throughly and in detail there. And I'm sure there are other sites, too - check them out. Post your message there, too, if you haven't all ready. You can't get too much info!! One word of caution - buy the most truck you can afford &/or might need - it is better to have too much truck than not enough. (that is an expensive mistake to correct - we found out the hard way! And we were not newbies, exactly, just trusting - slsman said it was enough and we believed him!) And, besides, you might decide to go bigger on the trailer and then you won't have to replace the truck, too!


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