towing with 2004-2008 gmc/chevrolet

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by gwece, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. gwece

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    I am considering a 2004-2008 gmc/chevrolet 2500 as a tow vehicle for my newly purchased fith wheel camper 10,500 gvwr (8,100 dry weight). Have been looking for a 6.0 L truck with a 373 rear end. Will I be able to pull this camper ok with this tow vehicle? I live in Southern Illinois and my longest pull will be into central Missouri hill country around the Black River. Won't camp far for home much at all. Also will use the truck to tow a 16 foot GN livestock trailer with 4-5K pounds of calves a couple times a year to the Patton Missouri livestock auction. Will the 6.0 L gas do the job or do I need to look for a diesel? Also would appreciate any comments on the B&W companion fifth wheel hitch for the B&W GN turnover ball which would accomodate both my fifth wheel camper and the GN livestock trailer.


  2. Steve H

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    RE: towing with 2004-2008 gmc/chevrolet

    I can't be much help with most of your questions butI can comment on the gas/diesel one. A gas engine will tow your 10,500 GVWR rig and given the fact you plan on doing shorter type trips your would probably do fine.

    That being said, I have towed with both a gasser and a diesel. Personally, I much prefer the diesel. Not only do they seem to work less but the mileage drop from empty to hitched is much less. The diesel mileage will drop but not nearly as much. A diesel also seems to brake better especially with the addition of an exhaust brake.

    Basically it is a personal preference but I would lean towards the diesel.

    Best Wishes!
  3. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: towing with 2004-2008 gmc/chevrolet

    I think a 6.0 will do what you are asking of it, but look in the owners manual of the truck and see what it is rated for. Personnaly I have several customers using the 6.0 with 5th in the weight range you mention and do well.
    I also prefer the diesel, but you have to be able to swallow the up front cost of it.
  4. krsmitty

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    Re: towing with 2004-2008 gmc/chevrolet

    Diesel ;)
  5. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: towing with 2004-2008 gmc/chevrolet

    As I prefer Diesel myself, I am playing devils advocate here.

    You really have to justify it if your only using the truck as a tow vehicle. 30 years ago a car dealer told me that you had to drive a diesel 20,000 miles a year to justify the cost. Of course, the engines have gotten better since then, but the average diesel in a new truck is about $7,000.00 (or more). If you don't plan to drive this truck much or only tow with it, 7K can buy a LOT of gas when you factor in the MPG difference.

    Nothing will tow like a Diesel, but looking at the $$$$, you have to think about what your doing with it. My 5 year old truck, a Duramax, only has 58K on it. With the cost of gas coming down and diesel staying high, if I were not using it in the business I would have a hard time paying for diesel right now....but probably would.

    Last night I saw Reg. gas for 3.13 in Roanoke, but the diesel pump right beside it was 3.69... :angry:
  6. Triple E

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    Re: towing with 2004-2008 gmc/chevrolet

    Just stay away the Washington State. Reg. is $3.69 and Diesel $4.09. Just don't understand the huge difference. Our taxes shouldn't be that much more. However we are one of the highest taxed state. :dead: :disapprove: :evil:

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