Towing with a 1/2 ton

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by kebulm, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. kebulm

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    I am in the market for a travel trailer and want to make sure I purchase something that I can comfortably tow with my current truck.

    I've got a 2008 F150 King Ranch 4x4 with tow package and 3.73 axle ratio. With the 20" tires the listed tow capacity is 8800lbs.

    Should trailer weight be my only concern when picking a travel trailer? So far I've been looking for units with a dry weight under 5000lbs. Does that sound about right? What about length? If I can find something that is still around 5000 dry (maybe 6000 or 6500 loaded) and is over 30' can I still reasonably tow that with my truck?

    Would something like this be off limits because of it's size with my 1/2 ton truck?

    Forest River Surveyor SP280BH

    At this point we've just started considering a purchase but I want to make sure I'm at least looking at the right kind of TT that won't result in my wanting to trade up for a bigger truck.

    Thanks so much for any advice.

  2. rkwtraveler

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    Re: Towing with a 1/2 ton

    weight should be your primary concern, I tow a thirty footer with my half ton.
  3. wskadavis

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    Re: Towing with a 1/2 ton

    I undertsand the 20 inch tires will reduce your tow capacity. I wouldn't worry about the length so much, but your 5000 lb dry weight is a good place to start.
  4. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: Towing with a 1/2 ton

    Your "20" tires" are actually 20" wheels. It is the outside diameter of the tires that make torque differences. The outside diameter of your tires may not be much different than my 16" wheeled tires.

    If Ford says you can tow 8800, you should be able to easily tow a 5,000 pound trailer.

    There have been LOTS of discussions about Forest River some research.....
  5. Triple E

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    Re: Towing with a 1/2 ton

    Dexter Axle is recalling certain trailer axle assemblies manufactured from Aug. 15, 2010, through Aug. 30, 2010. On some axles, cracks could appear in the spindle weld. The recalled vehicles include Forest River Inc. (2011) Sandpiper and Sierra trailers, (2011) Heartland RV fifth-wheel trailers, Jayco Inc. (2011) Pinnacle fifth-wheel trailers and Open Range (2011) fifth-wheel travel trailers and toy haulers.

    This is just a sample of Forest River Products. JMHO.
  6. C Nash

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    Re: Towing with a 1/2 ton

    Well I know I am in the minority here but most around here that have FR products are satisfied :eek: . There are several dealers here and I have spoke with customers there and they have had no more problems than normal with warranty. Having said that with all the problems reported here on the forum with FR products I would really think hard before buying one. As you see in Triple Es post it is not only FR with axle problems.. All companys cut corners IMO. Ken if your weights are accurate you should be ok. Welcome to the forum JMO

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