TPS and RV Alarm

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by utmtman, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. utmtman

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    Hey people, I am looking for a good rv alarm and a good TPS. Anyone using either of these and can tell me what
    brand they use and how well they work?
  2. C Nash

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    Re: TPS and RV Alarm

    RV alarm = 12 guage pump shotgun :laugh: The only TPS I know of goes on a engine- throttle postion switch. Sorry Lee no help here as usually :clown:
  3. vanole

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    Re: TPS and RV Alarm


    Don't have a RV alarm.

    However I do have a TPMS. Course I got the sweat shop one that comes with the coach thru Aladdin and it is dreadful. I bought a Doran RV-360 and like it alot. Its a shirt tail cousin of Pressure Pro. They have been around as well as Pressure Pro (PP) for quite a long time. Bought extra sensors for the TOAD. I'm sure you have metal stems on the coach (they are recommended) for installation of the TPMS.

    There is a newer company out there that claims they can give you a temp of your tire off a stem mounted sensor. I don't drink from that cup off Koolaid though. I e-mailed them they sent me a response on how it works. I picked that theory apart and sent them a second e-mail and have never herd back from them again. This system monitors the same parameters as the PP and Doran and there sensor looks to be a little smaller.

    If you have to have a tire temp reading and got the bucks the "Smart Tire System" is a way to go. The sensor is internally mounted on the rim. Draw back with this is if sensor fails you have to go to the tire shop, remove tire, fix sensor, remount tire $$$.

    One guy over on Escapees sells the PP and is really helpful however Doran was running a huge sale and I went that way. The dash monitor on the Doran to me looked nicer if thats any consolation and at the time they used a different seal in the sensor than PP. I believe PP has changed the seal in their sensor now.

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    RE: TPS and RV Alarm

    G,Day Lee @ Fran.I bought a alarm system at our local Aldi store for just on $30.00 DELTA> Product No YL105 Model number 7827. WWW.HOMENET-PRODUCTS.COM.These have a 3 year warranty and work great. You can hear the siren 100 metres away and the come with 2 remotes and work on 3 small batteries.I put one in the R.V and one in my stick house.They work on motion sensor and have a 10 second delay when activated or 30 second delay when setting.They come with a simple mounting bracket.I am starting to sound like the Australian rep for these.(I should be selling golf clubs.)Try the website and if you have no success let me know and I might be able to chase them up here. Regards from Downunder BIG BILKO :) :) :) :)

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