Trail-Lite Class A Motorhome

Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by CharlesF, Feb 4, 2002.

  1. CharlesF

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    Will appreciate any comments concerning Trail-Lite MH made by R-Vision. Apparently it is relatively new on market and am unable to locate consumer experiences and evaluations, or much of anything else.

    Thanks for any imput.

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    Trail-Lite Class A Motorhome

    Hello, WalkingStick :) Uh, there wouldn't be a website that you could give here, is there? I have tried most web combinations based on the info. you have given. I keep getting a advertising co., and a self-therapy site. or an error message shows up saying that there is no such site. Was just wondering.................
    John Keep RVing!!!
  3. C Nash

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  4. C Nash

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    Trail-Lite Class A Motorhome

    John, try this site.
    Sorry for the double post. Don't know what happened. Age kicking in I guess
    Chelse L. Nash

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