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Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by gerretzh, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. gerretzh

    gerretzh New Member

    Would like to find out if anyone else has had as many problems with thre Condor as i have. Its a 2002 model
  2. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Re: Trail-Lite - Condor

    Welcome to the forum Herb. Welcome to the wonderful world of rving. Expect trouble and you want be dissapointed :laugh: . What problems have you had. I doubt that you will find many rvers that will tell you they are trouble free. Pull your stick built house up and down the roads we travel and it would fall to pices. Is there room for better quality in rvs? You bet there are!! I have a 2002 HR and have had problems but none that I can't deal with. Never owned in our 45 years of camping a rv with no problems. Probably the fewest with the Airstreams.
  3. akjimny

    akjimny Senior Member

    Re: Trail-Lite - Condor

    Hi Herb and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. What kind of problems are you having? We all have problems, some major, mostly minor, but pretty much all of them can be fixed. Post back with more details and some of the experts here will be sure to help you out. :) :)

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