trailer rocks when jacks down

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by wishmaster68, Sep 12, 2009.

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    Hello all, hopefully someone can tell me what I am doing wrong. We just bought a Spree 318BHS pull behind travel trailer. When we level it during set up and put the jacks down, we get alot of rocking forwards and backwards. I use wheelchocks. My question is am I doing something wrong when setting up the trailer or is this norman for the rocking when someone inside is walking around? Is there something I can get to stop some or all of this. Thanks for any advise
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    Re: trailer rocks when jacks down

    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Your not doing anything wrong. Stab jacks work for side to side and up and down motion. The way they are mounted on the trailer they cannot do anything for forward and backward motion. You also cannot get plastic chocks tight enough to do much either. The best solution is to get wheel chocks that go between the tires and squeeze the tires. That is what I use and they DO make a difference.

    BAL makes the X-Chock. Take a look at them.
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    RE: trailer rocks when jacks down

    Thank you Grandview for the quick reply. They gave me a big catalog when I bought the trailer, looks like i'm going shopping. I also noticed a few trailers that had jack stands in the middle of the trailer on the frame. Does that help?
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    Re: trailer rocks when jacks down

    Hello Mike, if you going shopping on line, why not use GTS on line store. Ken Hurt the owner would appreciate. I have had many dealing with him and he is very honest person to deal with . Good luck :laugh:
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    Re: trailer rocks when jacks down

    I agree with Hollis, go with Ken at GTS, if he can not find it then ......

    of course you might have to wait till he gets back from Duck, NC
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    Re: trailer rocks when jacks down

    Since cannot get chocks tight to eliminate fore and aft movement of tire, perhaps, a rectangular piece of 2"x 8" wood or thicker, notched to just accomodate the tire within the notch front to back. Could drive up onto this tire cradle for a really tight fit.

    :) John

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