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    i just got a 1984 kit companion fith weel it has a 9 pin conector and it apears to be a factory installed on the trailer.the one on my truck has a seven flat pin conector can anyone tell me what wires to hook up and to what?

    one heavy gage red wire
    one small gage red wire
    one yellow
    one blue
    one medium gage white
    one green
    one brown
    two black
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    RE: trailer to truck electrical

    well ,, don;t know why u have a nine pin connector on the trailer ,, but if it were me i would change out the connector on the trailer to what u have now ,, and as for the wiring ,, blue = trailer brakes ,, brown = running lights ,, yellow = left turn and brake light (if it applies to u'r tow vehicle) ,, green = right turn and brake ( same is applied as the above) ,, white = ground ,, and red is usally in most cases power form the tow vehicle to the trailer for charging the batt ,, but i have seen it used for the back up lights on some trailers also ,, some of the other pins left over are not even used ,, i may be worng on some of it ,, but hope this helps ,, and u come back and tell us what u find :approve: :approve: :approve:

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