Trailer VS flat tow or dolly

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by fishbreath, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. fishbreath

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    Need opinions on which one is best???? What to consider when choosing one or the other. I hear flat tow packages are next to impossible to back up with. True?????? Or is that true with just some tow bars.

    Facts I have plenty horse power and 15K tow capacity. I plan to use a ford 150 long 4x4 long bed with my 12 ft. alum. fishing boat in the bed. The pick up can be flat towed. Which way would you-all go???????????????

    Thanks in advance for the responses I hope allot of them :) :)
  2. LEN

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    Re: Trailer VS flat tow or dolly

    I would either flat tow or trailer and I trailer. No you cannot backup a flat tow and that is why I trailer plus I can change toads at will with no thought. Down side is some camp grounds do not have sights big enough for the trailer so you must park the trailer in the overflow or ??. There has been only one CG that could not get us in but they couldn't fit the motor home anyway.

  3. JimE

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    RE: Trailer VS flat tow or dolly

    After going the flat tow route for 5 years I would rather the trailer route so I can do exactly what you are doing, bring my truck and john boat.

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