Trailing Arm Failure

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Dick R, May 29, 2014.

  1. Dick R

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    I recently purchased a 2008 Monaco Cayman XL 37 PDQ. Our 1st camping trip I was approached by a fellow camper explaining to me an experience he had when he owned a similar coach. His trailing arms had failed while on the road. To make a long story short. I had investigated the trailing arm issue. It is apparently a frequent occurrence with several earlier model Monaco products. I am wondering if anyone out there has had any experience dealing with this issue.

    Thanks, Dick R
  2. vanole

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    Dick R,

    You can find alot of info on this over on the IRV2 forum under the Monaco section. What I have been told is that it affects certain year 4 airbag coaches. I too have/had Monaco coach products and their is a fix for the issue but it costs money seeing how the original Monaco Coach Company went out of business. Luckily both my Monaco's were either an 8 or 10 bag coach.

    I hope this helps you find more info and a reputable place to get the fix installed.
  3. LEN

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    Sorry but yours is on the list. Source Engineering Trailing Arm Replacement is the cure. About $3000 installed and it isn't an EZ job. The cracks are kinda hard to find and the failure can be a BAD BAD BAD situation. The backend of the MH falls either one or both sides. Might contact the dealer you bought the coach from and see if he will help with the costs. But I would not endanger my family or myself driving it in this condition.


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