Travel trailer or Motorhome?

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by anamarie, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. anamarie

    anamarie Junior Member

    I am looking for feedback from folks who have owned both types. Which do you prefer and why? Pros and Cons? I am just beginning my search for info, i have spent hours and hours already, attempting to narrow down my choice. I am leaning towards a TT small enough that my blazer can tow (4 wheel drive)... i would not want to give up my blazer if i can help it (shes been real good to me). I like the idea that i can park,detach TT and go blazin some trails, but then... i also like the idea of one self contained unit, but then... i like the idea of putting it on my own land (as a guest cottage)... I did think briefly, about adding an custom extension to my blazer, but yeah... i would need a crew and an excessive amount of money, to pull that one off, (my cerebral wheels spin abit askew sometimes)... this is why i need feedback from experienced folks. I dont know anyone who has done this, i think my friends/family may want to talk me outta this, so... i cant ask them. I sure would appreciate any ideas you may have to offer. Thanks in advance:indecisiveness:
  2. akjimny

    akjimny Senior Member

    Hi Anamarie and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. I have had camper vans (homemade), a travel trailer, and now a motorhome and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. With a TT you can park, unhook and go off exploring in your tow vehicle without any problems. With a motorhome, unless you pull a "toad" (another vehicle), you have to disconnect from everything at the campground before you go exploring, and in some cases, may lose your campsite. Another disadvangtage of a motorhome is finding a parking spot when you want to stop a look at something, especially if you are towing a toad.

    Money-wise, you can get a small TT cheaper than a motorhome, and you would only have one vehicle to do maintenance on. That's not to say that a TT won't need maintenance - just not as much as a motorhome. Just my humble opinion but I think a travel trailer would be the best way for a beginner like you to start out, especially if you already have a tow vehicle. Just make sure you don't buy more trailer than your Blazer can pull.

    Good luck and post back if you have more questions.:):)
  3. anamarie

    anamarie Junior Member

    Thanks for the welcome :) Ive been on the blazer forum, from what i gather, i can pull about 3500,(some talk about brake controller,hydraulic brakes) Im looking at the Jayco lite models, im seeing good reviews so far. I wont be doing this for about a year, but i want to get educated now, as i have no experience whatsoever. Im very excited about this venture, lots of info, so much to learn. Thanks very much for your input, it helped my confidence level, for someone to validate the idea, that a TT is a good place to start. Really...thanks a bunch!
  4. anamarie

    anamarie Junior Member

    Been doing a bit of research on the Amerilite model... looks like a pretty good place to start... good bang for my buck... quality/lightweight/decent floorplans easily towable with my 4wd blazer. I did see an innovative Aliner that looked Really Cool... If "looking cool" were my highest priority, i would buy it. But... after further research, (and remembering what ive read on this forum) i know that this is Not the one for me.
    I am 'keeping in mind that i may want to 'upgrade in the future. Which would make 'trade in value important.
    On the same hand... I may want to 'keep it forever.
    So... based on that criteria alone... i am looking at the Amerilite right now.
  5. akjimny

    akjimny Senior Member

    Anamarie - I don't know what your budget is but Airstream is one brand that holds its trade-in value or you could keep it forever. But they are Reeeeeealllly spendy!!:):)
  6. krsmitty

    krsmitty Senior Member

    I had a Ameri-lite 24RB as my first TT. I would highly recommend them. Cheap, but a good value IMHO.
  7. anamarie

    anamarie Junior Member

    Wow... you werent kidding... they are pricey! Im not wanting to spend more than 10 grand... I did find a few, in that price range, much older models 30-40 years old... I can see why they hold value... I love the vintage look and interiors... I think that will go in the dream upgrade file:) It was fun to look at... Thanks for the info:)
  8. anamarie

    anamarie Junior Member, good value is gonna work well for me to start with...thanks for the endorsement... I appreciate hearing from folks who have had, what im looking at:)

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