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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by tommiehawke, May 4, 2009.

  1. tommiehawke

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    we have an eleven year old, 110 lb lab who really hates to ride in any vehicle. we have taken him on several trips and it becomes a royal pain listening to him whine, pant excessively and slobber all over the console in our motor home. this goes on the entire time the vehicle is in motion. we have given him sedatives but he fights sedation and winds up drugged out for a day or two after we reach our destination. after we get to where we are going he is the perfect dog!! does any one else have a similar problem or can offer any solutions?

    ken, linda & DUKE
  2. brodavid

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    Re: traveling with pets

    welcome to the forum,
    some animals just do not accept motion as easily as others, just like people, they get hyper and or carsick while traveling
    my dog is a caroodle, he is my health dog, he can not wait to travel, also he will sleep in the copilot chair if we let him, of course he is only 17 pounds with a large bark
    he will jump up on my lap when I am out side in my wheelchair so he can get a free ride as often as he can.
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    Re: traveling with pets

    OK, have question. We are getting out there soon. ( although the delays keep coming) but here it is, we know alot of the Campgrounds, RV parks etc: have pet limits. But and it's a BIG but our little teacup just gave us an other 4 to add to her & the proud papa. The ??? is do they count (lol) I mean we can't do anything with them for atleast 8 weeks. then they go (we have a promise to buy the 2 females as soon as thier weened. But what about until then?? has anyone else had babies? (puppies,kittens) Need some input on this problem soon. Hoping this won't be another delay.
  4. SnowbirdInFlight

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    Re: traveling with pets

    They shouldn't be a problem since it isn't like you are going to be taking them all for potty walks and they aren't going to be barking.
  5. utmtman

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    Re: traveling with pets

    I had same problem with a previous dog and a present cat. Found that a benedryl in a hotdog for the dog or the liquid benedryl in a plastic syringe to squirt into the cats mouth works great. It dont knock them out but it relaxes them enough the ride just fine.
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    Re: traveling with pets

    I use benadryl as a sleep aid when I'm having a hard time getting to sleep. It's mild and should work great on an animal without knocking them out. Usually the benadryl calls for 2 pills to make an adult dose, so 1 pill should work OK on a dog or cat.
  7. alangrylls55

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    Well My lab just loves to travel funny thing is he the first one standing in front of the car to enter and loves to see new places
  8. KarenS144

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    Our boxers love to travel so we've not had your problem but our girlie, Gypsy, is terrified of thunderstorms. We also tried sedatives but could never time them correctly and Gyps would be nervous during the storm and drugged afterwards.

    I had heard about a "miracle cure" but thought no way and kept trying valium, herbs & some other holistic products. After hearing from others again about the Thundershirt , I thought we'd try it. Everything said was true! It is a miracle (at least for Gypsy). She is much panting, pacing, shaking or hiding and many times she just takes a nap.

    It is also effective for SA and other stress causing conditions and I would think would work for your situation. There is a money back guarantee so if it doesn't work, they refund the price and donate the returned shirts to rescues & shelters. Knowing what I know about it and if I had a dog like yours, I'd not hesitate to use it.

    I would not use benadryl as a tranq or sleep med. It can have the opposite effect. The downside of these drugs is that once they're in the system, you've got to wait till they wear off. Each dog is different so adjusting dosage can be difficult for any drug and some drugs just don't work with some dogs.

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