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Discussion in 'Destinations' started by Blueeyes, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. Blueeyes

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    We are going to Texas in a few weeks to see two state parks near Amarillo that I read about. We plan to do some hikes in the canyons in this area. Are there any other special sites that anyone knows about that we should see while we are there. I have already eaten at the Big Texan-it was fun.
    I wanted to do the drive along the Rio Grande near Big Bend but am afraid to try it right now due to the border situation but maybe next time.
    Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. TexasClodhopper

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    Re: Trip to Texas

    Your instincts are right. Don't go anywhere near the damn Mexican border and don't bet all your money on RED at a roulette wheel.

    Here are a few interesting links, but I have no idea what pushes yer buttons!

    Information on Charles Goodnight are the facts that "Lonesome Dove" was based on.

    You have to remember that that part of Texas is pretty arid and barren and for a good reason; it's hot and dry! If you look at a Google map, you'll see a bunch of tiny green circles where green things grow, but only if you water the hell out of them. Still, up around Amarillo, you won't even see much of that.
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    Re: Trip to Texas

    If you go to Palo Duro State Park, be sure to bring your bug spray! Thousands of tiny biting bugs chased me out of there last summer. Seems all of the locals know about the biters but don't alert us tourists...I suppose it would drive down the visitors.

    Some of the curves in the Canyon are rather tight but we made it pretty easy with our 30' MH.

    We do highly recommend Oasis RV Resort if you stay in the area. You will be surprised at how nice and inexpensive a RV resort can be!

    Happy travels!
  4. JimE

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    RE: Trip to Texas

    We stayed at the state park in Caprock Canyon. Nice hiking and fishing in the park and I hear it is a lot less crowded than going to Palo Duro Canyon. It gets hot in the afternoon but there are several sites with some tree coverage if you get there early enough to grab one. Also dust storm time of year and storm storm time of year so keep your eyes on the radar screen.
  5. Blueeyes

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    Re: Trip to Texas

    Thanks everyone for your replies. Some of our interests are hiking, biking, and canoeing. We have hiked in desert-type mountains in several states and my favorite state is southwest Utah around Zion and Arches. I enjoy hiking early in the morning on the desert type trails but we do try to take lots of water & stay on marked, state or federal part trails.

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