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Discussion in 'Destinations' started by Blueeyes, Apr 21, 2009.

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    I wrote a while back about having a leak fixed on my Class C around the window over the cab. We did get it fixed, we hope (for $900). We are packing to go to the coast of Texas. I am planning to visit all of the state parks in the coastal section of the travel guide but would like some suggestions of other sites to visit. I love forts & historical sites-not interested in big cities but enjoy wildlife preserves. Would appreciate any suggestions.
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    Re: Trip to Texas

    There's Welder Wildlife Refuge down around Aransas Pass. Kirk & Pam can tell you a lot about that.

    Here's a Fish and Wildlife Service map showing all of them along the coast. Take your pick!

    Come on down! We still have a little spot open in the southeast corner of Matagorda County! :clown:
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    We went to Corpus and toured the aircraft carrier docked there permanently. It is a wonderful ship, and lots of very interesting historical stuff circa WW2. Plus the coast there is wonderful, you can drive your MH on the beach and camp anywhere you want just north of there. Go to Rockport, about an hour north of Corpus on the coast, they have the best food you can imagine. It is a small artsy town.
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    Port Lavaca has a state park on hwy 35 called Light House Beach ( I think). If you are in Port Lavaca you should go to Magnolia Beach and Indianola which is only a little ways down the road. I could give you directions but I am kind of blonde when it comes to directions. Indianola is very historic, it has a statue of a conquistador with a lot about the area engraved on it. Also signs up and down the road about the history of the area. You can dry camp on the beach and it has public restrooms but no showers and not your resort type. :eek: :cool: :laugh: The beach is fairly clean and usually not totally crowded. Fishing is o.k. Port Lavaca has some good restaurants also. Palacios is also a nice little town. There is a rv resort called Serendipity. I have not stayed there but heard it is very nice. There is a lot of history in Palacios also and they have decent restaurants also. Definitely small town Texas. I live close to both of these towns and I love the water so we go as often as possible.
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    Just a word of careful driving on the beach if you're not experienced. Getting stuck in the sand is as easy as mud.

    If you plan as you say to stay in several state parks, the sate park pass may be a good investment.
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    Go to the RV forum and under destinations read the recent post by elkhartjim on Travel in Texas. He had an awesome trip to the Big Bend area recently. And take to heart the comment about driving on the beaches around the coast. Its pretty cool but I have first hand experience in getting buried!!
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    We've actually stayed at this campground. Very nice. Close to fishing dock and nice spots. There is a great restaurant close to the campground on the main highway that is fantastic. We stop there every time we go through.
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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I am copying down the areas mentioned and will check them out. I love to share travel info and some of the best areas we have visited have been from tips from others who have been to out-of-the-way sites.

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