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  1. A_ngelo1971

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    i got this triton v10 on a f35fram and it starting to skip and run poorly, some one told me it was the mass air flow sensor, could this be a correct diagnosis?
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    RE: triton v10

    is the check engine light on???
    If so i bet u have a missfire ,, but u need to scan it and see which cylinder it is..
    I have seen a few v10's with a coil problem ,, the coil or coils are actually in a sense the plug wires,, also how many miles on it ,, it maybe time for a major tuneup,,, please post back and let us know :)
    Bty it has 10 coils ,, one for every cylinder ,, i also forgot to ask what year it is ,, sorry :(
  3. C Nash

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    Re: triton v10

    A visual look at all the obvious first such as a plug wire off and then as 730 suggested a tesr with a scan tool will probably set you in the right direction. Yes it could be a mass air flow but don't start the shotgun fix. It can get expensive. Sometimes if it's a mass air flow you can tap them while the engine is running and get it to miss. Does it miss all the time or only ocasionaly? need more info. Welcome to the forum and let us know the fix.
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    Re: triton v10

    I agree with Nash ,, i would get it scanned and see what the codes are ,, if the ck engine light is on,,, but as Nash said (i didn't think of this ,, and i do it all the time) hit the mass airflow and if goes to missing ,, u found it ,, but again more info on the subject,, also if u get the codes read ,, and don't do it @ u'r local autoparts store ,, their scanners can only pick up the simple stuff ,, pay the $49.00 or what ever it cost in u'r area and have it read buy a real scanner,, post us back on the codes that are present,,, :)

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