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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Smilylg, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. Smilylg

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    I have a Breckenridge Park Model trailer that went back to the Manufacture last winter and came back early summer to only find out that more damage was done to the trailer then what it went for. Now trying to get to company to fix the trailer they are refusing, Now the company has been taken over by a bigger company and just doesn't seem to want to hear about the problems in the first place. Just wondering if anyone else is finding this problem and if so, could you share things you have done or have you been able to get the repairs done. I just don't know where to turn, or where to go from here. :(
  2. C Nash

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    What is the problem with the Park Model? If the company has changed doubt you will get any help. Might talk to a Lawyer but think it will be a waste of time IMO. Tell us what the orignal and current problem s are? Welcome to the forum
  3. Smilylg

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    We had a recall on our roofs, finally got it fixed but yet they put the new roof on top of the other roof which caused further damage, we had mold growing in our tip outs, the tip outs were not sealing together properly, so they took our park model back to Indiana and said they redid our tip outs but when we looked at it, it shows that the tips out were not redone at all, still the old wood in them, and now we have a major leak in our main tip out, they had to take up the carpet due to the mold so we agreed that it would be cheaper just to put flooring in instead of replacing the carpet, well when they took the tub out to do the flooring they put a great big crack in it, still mold showing on the coverings that go around the tip outs and cuts into our siding on the trailer that were not there before it left, we were left with a notice that this trailer was not suppose to be shipped back to our campground until it was fixed, well someone made a big mistake on sending it back before it was totally fixed. At first they agreed to have the worked repaired until this big company has taken over a few smaller trailer companies, they still make the trailers that we own and still go by the name just now it is under an umbrella now instead of being independent.
  4. LEN

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    All you can do at this point is talk to their customer rep and see IF you can get a reasonable resolution pointing out the commitments by their company that have not been lived up to. Then no help time to Lawyer up and look at filing a non use suit, that might just jar them a bit. File where you are therefore they must Lawyer up where you are, companies don't like to do that. Sometime just a letter from a Lawyer does the trick, they then know you are not going away.


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