try n to find a 30.5 rlsbg Hitchiker 2005- 2007

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by debsu50, Jul 17, 2008.

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    Hey. does anyone know if there is website,just for used Hitchikers ,forsale by individuals? We have been for sveral yrs. check n out all the rvs,and we decided to go mid size,we like the hitchiker11 30.5 rlsbg.5th wheel.We still have our home forsale.if anyone is interested in the Liberty MO. is on Craigs by owner.1/2 acre. we have our truck.and since the new rvs have gone up in price! we are searching for used,but really clean, 2005-2007.thats the floor plan we'd prefer.Any adveise for us as starting full time rvers. in December. We have heard we wont want a washer combo. yes and no on double pane windows We would like atleast a window tint.or the solar.We know doubles are heavy and hard to find.Do the windows get really hot.? someone told me theres did.the 30.5 hitchhikerhas a washer area.Do we need one ? debsu50 :)

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